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Boy Overboard

As part of curriculum writing in my previous job, I was required to come up with new and interesting ways of attacking English learning and enrichment, but maintaining the company’s professional image at the same time. This is one such item that I came up with. The beauty of this unit was that it fell totally in line with the course work I was doing at the time. So I submitted my work, and then after marking and grading was complete, I submitted it to my boss for use with our upper Primary students. I love it when two or more purposes can come together so well.

Remember, the students this is aimed at already spoke English to a degree (or Singlish at it is better known) and therefore needed more attention to grammar features.


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Effective Strategies for Teaching Reading

So, You Think You Can Teach ESL?


Reading is a BIG component of teaching any language – first or second. Reading, especially in a foreign language, can be quite difficult for learners. I have been working on earning my TESOL certificate through the American TESOL Institute (ATI). One of the modules I had to complete was about teaching reading.

Reading can be especially difficult since not every student reads at the same level. Some are able to read at higher levels than their peers, and others may struggle.

So, how can you teach students of varying levels?

Oftentimes, students learning another language may not always understand what they are reading. Therefore, they well become easily frustrated and give up. A teacher needs to devise different strategies to help their students close the gap in their understanding. A teacher also needs to know which strategies are effective and beneficial. That is the real challenge.

I teach a few…

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