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Free Technology for Teachers


Free? What’s that? Technology? Quick! Run! For Teachers? That has to be a joke!

These would have been my general reaction prior to starting my recent course at ACU. But since then, given the courses, the lecturers who constantly pushed us (in the nicest ways) to get out of our comfort zones, and the amazing cohort of students, I see that this is no longer true. Having a few days off ‘post course’ has seen me surfing all kinds of wonderful corners of the world wide web and I keep coming across gems of websites that inspire me to keep pushing boundaries of comfort. This blog site, Free Technology for Teachers, has been written by Richard Byrne and he shares his love of technology and teaching through sharing great apps and software for teachers to implement in their classrooms. He performs an amazing service, in effect “test driving” the software and apps to save everyone else the hassle.


  Reference: http://www.freetech4teachers.com/


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3 Great Classroom Apps

Check out this article by Cristina DeCarbo who was a guest writer on Corkboard Connections. She shares three great apps to use with Upper Primary students. I’ve tried them out myself and can’t wait for the opportunity to use them in a class.

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