Textured Art: Cinnamon Painted Apple Craft for Preschoolers

This is a fantastic, multi-sensorial activity for introducing the first sound, ‘a’ for ‘apple’.

Quick warning!  This one can get messy, so make sure you either cover your surfaces or have your children paint in an area that you won’t mind a little mess 

Now, if your children love painting then they are going to love this craft!

Not only do they get to paint, but adding the texture to their artwork makes it all that much more fun.

To create this delicious smelling apple, you’ll need:

-Red and Green Paint (I used regular craft paint)
-Paper Plate
-Card Stock
-Brown Construction Paper
-Something to paint with (you could use any regular paint brush but to make this painting a little more unique, I used some silicone marinade brushes)

Pour your red paint into a cup or bowl and mix in a teaspoon or two of cinnamon.  Don’t add too much!  You don’t want your paint to turn into a paste.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 1.10.14 PM

Go ahead and give your children a brush each and let them go to town painting their paper plate.  Whatever room that you’re painting in is going to smell AMAZING!

While their plate is drying, use the green paint along with a sheet of card stock to help your child make their hand print.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 1.10.31 PM

Use your brown construction paper to make a stem for your apple and once all of your paint is dry, cut out your green hand print to use as a leaf.

Using glue or tape or staples, have your child assemble all of the pieces of their apple.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 1.10.46 PM

As it dries, your cinnamon will smell much stronger and the texture that it adds makes a fantastic sensory experience as well

And now you’ve got yourselves a super simple craft that was not only fun to make, but smells great!

Enjoy making it! Imagine how a classroom full of these is going to smell.

As a variation you can make other fruit/vegetables using various spices from your kitchen: cloves, nutmeg, vanilla, star anise, rosemary, thyme, curry and so on. You could even add essential oils to the paint. Apple oil for apples, orange oil for oranges. The list goes on. Think of the wonderful smells you can introduce into your classroom, introducing vocabulary on a number of different levels.



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2 responses to “Textured Art: Cinnamon Painted Apple Craft for Preschoolers

  1. Great idea! Thanks for sharing. Cinnamon is the most delightful smell.


  2. Hi Steve, what a great activity, I’ll definitely be trying this one. Thanks!
    Cheers Terina


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