Group Learning Spaces


One thing about group learning spaces that we, as teachers must remember, is that they are not set in stone. A teacher’s learning space is the curriculum, and this is something we manipulate and change to suit the needs of our students. When we see the curriculum as such, we can focus more on the importance of such things as co-operation and collaboration. My understanding of the distinction is that co-operation assumes that there is already a pre-determined goal, while collaborative there seems to less of a fixed goal, with more emphasis on the process and the direction that the learning takes. Correct me if I’m wrong, its just my interpretation.
With the vast array of technology available to us, group learning has fewer borders than ever before. We can co-operate and collaborate on projects with people who may be far from where we are today. Learning has exponentially more potential than ever before. Our classrooms may therefore become far more self-motivated and purposeful than ever before.

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