Is Curriculum a Learning Space?


To me, the curriculum is not a learning space in itself. It is a document that all teachers must observe in the course of their teaching.

But, if you ask if the curriculum is used to create a learning space, then the answer is extremely different. The answer is a definitive yes.

The curriculum, by its nature, defines what we as teachers must teach. It is this that creates the learning space and the CoP in that teachers communicate and discuss what they are teaching to address the various aspects of the curriculum. Teachers co-write units. Share programmes and offer up innumerable ideas for various lessons. So the curriculum is core.

Without curriculum, education would be a free-for-all without limits or bounds and no minimum standards set.

However, another point of view might be in the team that creates curriculum, or develops and improves upon curriculum over time. In this instance, there is definitely a learning space in that every teacher with something to say wants to be heard. How big is the team? Is it just the team that work together to produce the document? Or is it every single teacher that gives feedback on the existing curriculum?

Many aspects are available to examine, and a definition is hard to pin down, but I do believe that the curriculum, by itself, is solely a document. It is the people using it, abusing it, working on it, or working with it who create the curriculum learning space.

Of course, there is another group that defines curriculum: the students to whom it will be taught.


I’ve just re-read my post here and thought to myself, “What a bonehead!” I’ve seen the word ‘curriculum’ and automatically substituted mentally the word ‘syllabus’! Comes from writing the post while being distracted!

Now I see that yes, curriculum is definitely a learning space in that it offers a framework within which teacher, colleagues and learners can function and grow and develop.




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