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I’ve just spent some time learning about categories and tags for labelling blog posts and how they aid in the search for information and enhancing your personal learning network (PLN). At first it started out sounding really rather complicated, but the process all came together in a logical manner that makes the whole system very straightforward and worthwhile.
I managed to create some new categories for my blog posts on here. Only two so far (Young Learners and Course Work), but that will soon change, I’m sure. Under Young Learners I also managed to add some sub-categories as well to help better differentiate my posts into more defined groups (phonics, reading, technology), also with room to grow as the blog develops over time.
Next came tags. They’re just a group of terms that can apply to specific information within the blog post that enable followers to more closely source information from your posting. I used lots of these: classroom, colour, design, location, student needs, first sounds, grapheme, handwriting, phoneme, starting point, blogs, social media, video sharing sites, Web 2.0, wikis, www, creativity, explore and the list goes on. Perhaps I’m using too many to start with, but I’m sure I will settle into it given more time.

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