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Terrified! Confused! That’s how I felt when I read through the overview of my current subject in my quest for my B.Ed. My initial reason for selecting this course was that the title, “The Learning Space” must mean it’s about classrooms and other physical spaces, set up to maximise learning potential. I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one with this idea firmly in mind.
After the first week of one shock after another, I reluctantly admitted to myself that the course is primarily about IT. Being somewhat of a technophobe, and basically being self-taught in what I can do on the computer, I entered into this course with eyes wide open and a hesitancy I have never experienced in any of my years of study.
The problem for me, it seems, isn’t the technology, it’s the fear of not being able to use it properly and effectively. So this blog is a first attempt at utilising some technology that I have been wanting to use and learn about, but just didn’t have the “know-how” to get into. So, please bear with me as I get into it and start learning and playing with the components and features of this thing that is so new to me, this blog. I hope you enjoy my posts.


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